jt-charlie1-editJohn Tague is an American actor born in Abington Pennsylvania on May 30th 1970 to John and Helen Tague. He grew up alongside his younger brother Andrew in Chatham Township New Jersey , a sleepy suburban town about 45 minutes outside of New York City, where he spent most of his early years playing baseball, football, and soccer with the neighborhood kids in and around the Great Swamp Wildlife Refuge in Chatham while completely ignoring his academic duties. When he wasn’t terrorizing the neighborhood with the local kids he was seriously daydreaming about Star Wars and developing an early love for movies, television, and rock and roll. To say John was a terrible student in middle school and high school was an understatement but he did find shelter in drawing, reading, and making music.

Growing up in the Eighties exposed John to a plethora of audio and visual stimulation most notably the beginning of MTV, his friend’s older brother’s record collections, and non stop movies on cable television. Bombarded by music video’s by Duran Duran, The Police, and other new wave bands John decided he wanted to play bass guitar in a rock and roll band. He borrowed money from his parents and bought his first bass guitar from his friends older brother. It was a beautiful jet black Peavey T40 and it was all downhill from there. John formed a band with some local neighborhood kids in his friend Mike Watson’s basement and simultaneously started to grow a ridiculous mullet. The band tried to cover old Kinks songs and tried really hard to write some original music that nobody wanted to hear. That band played two gigs at the high school and that was as far as it went. mulletvignette

He continued to pursue music and hopped around from band to band until he landed in the Grateful Dead cover band Sunsplash featuring Gary and Ted Christian, Scott Hallock, and Cari Golden. This was a pivotal moment for John because Sunsplash gave him his first experiences playing in front of large live audiences. The band had a nice little following and played many gigs locally with some occasional gigs in some New York City clubs. Along with many Grateful Dead cover songs the band also dived into more current hits by popular artists of the time and also recorded a four song demo. They practiced on a daily basis and made some pretty good money playing gigs. Not bad for a bunch of high school kids. With college swiftly approaching other members of the band, John figured he should probably apply to some schools as well. As previously stated his grades were crap (except in art class) but by some miracle a little college in North Carolina decided to take a chance on him. In the summer of 1988 the band decided to take a break until everyone was back at Christmas and they all headed off to college. John ended up attending High Point University with hopes of studying music engineering. He packed up his bass and moved south.


When John arrived at High Point, much to his surprise, he discovered that there was no music engineering program and found himself with nothing to do. By a complete fluke he was called into his advisors office who happened to be the head of the schools Theatre Department and asked why he wasn’t taking any theatre classes when he was listed as a theatre major. John had no idea what he was talking about. His advisor was puzzled by this as well and managed to convince John to give the Theatre a try. This advisor was Ron Law and he is the reason John is an actor today. John dived into the training with same passion he had for music. He never thought he would be able to act but because of his experience playing music in front of people it made it a bit less intimidating. Ron Law was a firm believer and student of the Stanislavski method and was heavily influenced by The Actor’s Studio Method and the work of Harold Clurman and Stella Adler. He was and is a tough no-nonsense acting teacher and director who set a deep and early respect of acting and theatre for John. Ron was a massive influence. For the next 4 years John submerged himself into being the best possible actor he could be and had the leading roles in many of the schools Tower Player’s productions including The Crucible, The American Clock, The Diary of Anne Frank, The Nature and Purpose of the Universe, Six Characters in Search of an Author, 1940’s Radio Hour, Tartuffe, and Home of the Brave.


John left High Point University in 1992 to start his professional career as an actor and landed his first gig in the lead role in the outdoor summer drama The Sword of Peace. It was a very physically challenging part and the experience of living and working with other actors that he did not know taught him many lessons and strengthened his work ethic. The living and performance conditions at The Sword of Peace were horrendous and many considered it to be like an actors bootcamp. If you could make it through a summer performing in the humid, sweltering North Carolina heat than you could pretty much do anything. It was brutal but also a lot of fun with many great memories and friendships.

After the summer of ’92 John decided it was time to make the big leap of faith and put it to test by moving New York City to continue his training and professional career. John enrolled at the prestigious T. Schreiber Studio acting school on East 4th street in Greenwich Village and had the incredibly good fortune to have studied with the late great Gloria Maddox. nyc1editThe work and dedication of the students in class was intense. John was very fond of Gloria. Gloria was one of the first and only people who told John that she “believed in him and thinks he has a good future as a professional actor.” Sadly she passed away due to ALS. John then began studying with the schools founder legendary acting teacher and Broadway director Terry Schreiber. John spent 8 years studying intensely with Terry and delved deeply into the “method” based training and exercises. During this time John began auditioning for independent films, television, theatre, and commercials. John booked several NYU Film School short films which gave him his first experiences in acting in front of a camera. During this time John also spent a lot of time commuting back and forth to New Jersey to act in theatre productions of Death of a Salesman and Remembrance at the Summit Playhouse  and Mass Appeal at the Stoney Hill Playhouse for which he was awarded Best Actor in a Drama at the NJ ACT AWARDS.

ticking1Towards the end of the Nineties John booked his first lead role in a feature film starring opposite Academy Award, Tony Award, and Emmy Award winning legend Maureen Stapleton in Living and Dining. Shortly after Living and Dining, John then booked the lead role in the action thriller The Ticking Man. John also made several appearances on the New York City soap operas All My Children and Guiding Light. John also was cast as Peter Parker in Marvel Comics first attempt of an online live action comic known as Spiderman Spidercam. Sadly Spiderman Spidercam never took off. During this time John also starred in many tv commercials and did some voice over work. Things were going very well for John and then he met the love of his life, Claire Hartley, while still studying at T. Schreiber Studio.

John and Claire stayed together and in 2000 they decided to move to Los Angeles and try their luck in Hollywood. Not knowing a soul in LA, John and Claire hit the ground running looking for acting work. Fortunately for John, he was able to book a couple commercials and then booked co-starring roles on the hit shows 24 and Crossing Jordan. John was auditioning a lot but after a while, things dried up because of union strikes throughout Hollywood. John decided to take a break from acting. Claire decided to open a yoga studio, Rising Lotus Yoga, which has become one of the most well known and successful yoga studios in Los Angeles.narco1

Feeling restless John decided to turn back to music and formed a rock band called The Droves alongside his friend Brandon Burnside. That band broke up and morphed into another band called Narcotourist which, by chance, reunited John with his high school bandmate Cari Golden from the Sunsplash years. Narcotourist produced and recorded an album titled Moderate Stimulation, played a handful of live shows around Hollywood, and then abruptly broke up. Although the band was finished the members of Narcotourist remain close friends to this day.

Right before the band broke up John and Claire had a beautiful baby girl. They named her Nova Hartley Tague. While Claire was running her successful yoga business John was doing stay at home dad duties and planning his return to the acting world. Five years had gone by and John felt that he was ready to jump back in now that his daughter was a little older and easier to manage. John felt the best way to ease back into the acting world was to enroll into a scene study class. He had heard about an acting studio called Evolutionary Artists and decided to enroll. He spent several months studying with the very talented coach Alice Carter. While studying with Alice John realized he needed to re-invent himself and decided to create a film project as a vehicle to re-introduce himself to Hollywood. That project became the award-winning web series thriller The Rolling Soldier. rollingsoldiermasterposter

John decided that in order to get cast in the films and television shows he wanted to work in he needed show that he fit in that world. He created a story about a washed-up CIA assassin who wakes up from a ten-year coma only to discover that he is being hidden and eventually has to go on the run for deadly information that only he knows about. It took a weekend to shoot the pilot episode and an additional year to shoot the rest of the episodes and then another year learning how to do all of the post-production work himself.  There are seven episodes in total. Once it was finished he released it and began submitting it to web series festivals around the world. To his surprise it ended up getting accepted to almost all of the festivals he submitted to and garnered award nominations and ended up winning Best Mystery Thriller at the Vancouver Web Fest, Best Drama at the NYC Web Fest, Best Drama at the Austin Web Fest, and Best Editing at the Dublin Web Fest.

blacklistIt was a huge success and confidence builder for John and it ended up paying off because through The Rolling Soldier John was able to use that footage to help him book roles on the hit tv shows The Blacklist, and





CSI2 websiteMaron, and the feature films Catfish Blues and Why Not Choose Love: A Mary Pickford Manifesto.

deathmay12-copyJohn is a member of the filmmaking community known as Congress Films and has starred in three of their groundbreaking short films Death May Hide Me , The Outsider and Mona and is looking forward to creating more with them in the future.

John Tague Mona

wo2He continues to work with other independent filmmakers on upcoming films like Worst of Two , Enchanting the Mortals

John is now on the roster of Aqua Talent Agency and has recently worked on the web series Con$equences  and the virtual reality series Redway Manor






Most recently John starred in the hit show Lucifer and was nominated for Best Guest Star by E! Online for the TV Scoop Awards . John Tague Lucifer


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  1. Seen you alot and always found you edgy and intense but also GREAT LOOKING.Always a treat to watch your work


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